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Wastewater Facility, Wastewater Facility Design in Ellicott City, MD


Waste Water Solutions International offers more than 30 years of experience providing domestic, commercial, and industrial waste water treatment products, systems, and services. 

Working in a collaborative manner with the owner and design team we evaluate and provide comprehensive, cost effective waste water treatment solutions.  All systems are tailored to meet environmental and regulatory effluent requirements and the unique restraints of each project site.

sustainable design.

self regulating

We also provide ongoing support, training, and commissioning services.

Wastewater Treatment Services
We use KEE Technology and our experience to design our products, create your treatment plant, and solve every situation and requirement you may have.

Wastewater System, Wastewater Facility Design in Ellicott City, MD

Wastewater System, Wastewater Facility Design in Ellicott City, MD

Products Include:

 • NuDisc Single Piece
   Treatment Systems
Technical Specifications NuDisc Single Piece

Modular Systems
Large Diameter RBC's

The Best Service & Products
Receive our full attention during your design process to ensure your complete satisfaction. Additionally you receive the best products offered, and by continuously upgrading these systems, they keep up with the changes in environmental and health regulations.

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