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Waste Water Solutions International offers many products. Each product for your wastewater system design is created to meet your facility needs.


NuDisc Single Piece Treatment Systems
The single piece NuDisc is self contained and provides a versatile packaged solution for a range of wastewater treatment situations. The NuDisc is the most economical unit available for small to medium flows and offers a reliable and low maintenance solution for sites not connected to main drainage. The installations are compact, unobtrusive, and virtually silent in operation.

     Styles Include:

             • NuDisc 0450-200 Range      • NuDisc BA-BF Range

• NuDisc F10-F13 & N Range


Modular Systems
Modular Systems are similar to the NuDisc, but provide more flexibility in design and orientation. They are particularly suitable for sites where medium flow rates are anticipated.

Bespoke systems can be designed to treat complex wastewaters. It also offers flexibility by separating the various stages enables the plant layout to be tailored to suit your site with minimal disruption. We offer the DC/DN RBC Modules style.


Large Diameter RBCs
For situations where large flows are the norm, the large diameter RBCs are used as the biological stage in a conventional treatment system. Simplicity of design leads to considerable savings in civil engineering design and installation costs.

It is cost effective and very easy to install. They are supplied in kit form for on-site assembly and installation in concrete tanks constructed on site. A single module provides required treatment for populations up to 1500. They can replace or supplement existing overloaded biological treatment stages in domestic and industrial wastewater treatment installations.

Wastewater System, Wastewater Systems in Ellicott City, MD

Wastewater System, Wastewater Systems in Ellicott City, MD

Wastewater System, Wastewater Systems in Ellicott City, MD

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